Start Eating And Living to Support

Your Changing Body's Needs.

Your body is changing, it's a new game in menopause!

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About What Your Body Needs And How To Develop The Proper Mindset To Achieve That.

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We'll go in depth to fully understand the changes you are going through and what actionable steps to take in order to get the body and health you want.


Chances are, you're not eating the right amount of protein. Together, we'll develop the perfect nutrition plan for YOU.

Don't Let "Menopause Or Your Age" Stop You From Living The Life You Want.

Don't settle for "it's just the way it is". I help women work with their hormones through lifestyle, diet and exercise.


First things first, we have to start with the mind. Hormones are going crazy and there may seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel. But, you're here, so there's a light!


Most women overlook this and it's the number one reason during peri/menopause that you're not getting the results you want.

Better Living

Based on the results, we'll build a plan that you can adhere to continue to reap the many benefits of better, healthier living.

Ready To Discover What

Katalyst Fitness & Nutrition Can Do For You?

  • No more bloating

  • No more mood swings

  • No more hot flashes

  • No more belly fat

  • No more weight gain

  • No more "Just Deal With It"

As women, we are told we just have to deal with our hormones. That it’s normal to be miserable in menopause. Deal with it.

We think we’re gaining weight because we’re eating too much and not exercising enough so we eat less and exercise more.

In fact, that’s the opposite of what we should be doing. Our bodies are ever changing, even more so as we go through menopause.

Your metabolism changes in each stage of your life and your

lifestyle influences your hormones and metabolism.

It’s time to change your exercise, diet, habits and lifestyle choices to support your changing metabolism and start feeling good again.

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Katapulting Women's Health,

-Kathy "Katalyst" Cote'

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